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Merchant Navy as a Career?

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The Shipping Industry is an invisible hero. For the most part, it is hard to see maritime shipping news on mainstream media unless there are any major shortcomings or incidents. It is an integral and invariable factor for world activities. Perhaps Shipping can be normal as sunrise. We know that every night would end and the sun rises again, just like every day. Shipping Industry too is similar to that in exhaustedly. The ship is the artery whereas the world is the heart. And that is where we play our role as the blood in the body of Shipping Industry. Without either, everything would become a standstill. We support the industry by supplying and preserving the flow of daily requirements. Without doubt, Shipping Industry is the drive force behind globalisation.

Today, a career in the shipping industry is very challenging and requires honing of the capabilities of an individual to fine art.

In order to meet this requirement, Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime (CTM) college is established to train young citizens of India to embark on a wonderful and prosperous career in ‘Merchant Navy’ under the approved guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping (DG Shipping) in Mumbai along with International Maritime Organization’s conventions, protocols and guidelines for seafarers.