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Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime is one of the most eminent Maritime Training Institute since the last 25 years and it is renowned for the standards of its students, facilities and alumni. The motto of the institution “Education for All” is pre-eminently enshrined to ignite and enlighten the minds of the youngsters through education by dispelling the darkness of ignorance.

Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime was established in the year 1998 as a Maritime Training Institute in Chennai. It was instituted by our Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Vijayakumar. N with a deep sense of generosity and compassion to the under-privileged students and economic community. His vision towards dissemination of quality marine education among all classes of society at a fair cost, so that the eligible talented candidates are not deprived of the justified opportunity, came in action through the birth of Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime.

Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime has carved a niche for itself in a Tamil Nadu by imparting quality education and instilling decorum to the future leaders of the nation. The institution has been steadily forging ahead since its inception, adapting to the changes in the world around it but invariably retaining its core values of service, integration, and discipline. The institution is well known for its emerging higher learning opportunities with an increase not only in the students intake every year but also in Ranking and Performance of the candidates.

The institution is situated in a serene environment spread over 100 acres of land. The serenity along with a complex structure of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities will shape the physical, mental and intellectual growth of the candidates. The vast campus provides a peaceful and extraordinary ambience for the students to study with a well-established infrastructure, facilities and delivers quality education and services to the students by dedicated and competent faculties and staffs. Above all, we transform the learning experience with real life challenges to ensure that we make our students into exemplary human beings in their field.

  • To give hands in education to the young citizens of India.
  • To eliminate the poverty of the down-troddenthrough education.
  • To uplift their basically developed culture and social responsibilities through education

Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime (CTM) college is established to make this vision come true by training young citizens of India to embark on a prosperous career in ‘Merchant Navy’ under the approved guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping (DG Shipping) in Mumbai, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India.

  • To establish education to all levels of the economy leading to holistic progression of the nation.
  • To provide quality technical education along with development of intellectual leadership qualities, humane values and corporate ethics creating potential manpower for the marine industries.
  • To be distinctively different by moulding and producing good mariners to truly understand the subject.
  • To be distinctively different by moulding and producing good human beings’to truly understand life aspects which in turn would make them to be better equipped to deal with intricate problems of their society at any point in life.
  • To make our candidates the finest and trusted service providers of quality ship management services.
  • To make our institution the role model in our industry by providing a highly professional, ethical and dedicated crew that operate with the highest standards.
  • To continually improve our services and create awareness about marine industry among every individual by providing career counselling and placement facilities to the candidates.
  • The primary commitment of Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime is to provide education to down-trodden students and find the true potential of our students and equip them for the future, by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values.
  • To develop the overall character and personality of our students and mould them as good citizens with integrity and modularity for nations building.
  • To disseminate knowledge and foster in our students positive and critical thinking besides intellectual skills to become empowered beings in their field by providing our students with the best in Maritime Education.
  • We are here to provide high quality skilled seafarers which the marine industries require and expect. We do this through a rigorous selection and screening procedure thereby producing a large pool of qualified GP rating and CCMC candidates with the Indian CDC and crews with hands on experience on all classes of vessels.
  • We are committed to create and maintain a centre of excellence, to develop responsible and well-trained mariners by providing outstanding educational support services. In order to ensure this, we ensure ourselves to fulfil all the statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality system.
  • By maintaining a team of esteemed faculty members, who are constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge, we ensure a futuristic approach that keeps pace with the changing trends in the professional world through our global perspective.

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