Chairman’s Desk

Dr. Vijayakumar. N
Chairman & Managing Director of CTM

Message From Our Chairman

Our Respected Chairman, Shri. Dr. N. Vijayakumar laid the foundation to the highest peak of Marine Education by giving birth to his biggest vision, “Cosmopolitan Technology of Maritime” college. His dream of giving hands in education to the young citizens of India in Merchant Navy was done by him with the establishment of this college. CTM is an outcome of his vision and the institution has always reflected on the ideal to achieve Excellence in Maritime Education and Training. The aim of CTM is to train young citizens of India to embark on a wonderful and prosperous career in ‘Merchant Navy’ under the approved guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping (DGShipping) in Mumbai along with International Maritime Organization’s conventions, protocols and guidelines for seafarers. He has extended his exemplary services in the field of education with an exuberant spirit of facilitating and providing wider opportunities to the youth from different backgrounds. He has played a pivotal role in the rise of Maritime Education and Training. His commitment to professional excellence and global quality is today a benchmark for other Maritime Training Institutes in India. The committed services of the members of the management in-line with the dynamic governance and strong skills of our respected Chairman have led to the establishment other institutions to cater to the needs of the various fields of students installed in a city of quest for knowledge, amidst many colleges and universities in Tamil Nadu. Shri. Dr. N. Vijayakumar has bagged a number of awards, honours and accolades for his exclusive service in the field of education.
“Hello to all Future Candidates, Always remember dear students, in our life there are always strong challenges that require great effort but it is that great effort which bears the sweet fruit of success. You have many roles to play as a citizen. You are the nation builder, the mover of technologies, the agent of change. The knowledge that you will gain, the qualities that will imbibe and the technicalities that you will learn to apply will be your biggest contribution to yourself, your parents, to society and your nation. I end this shortnote with one of my favourite quotes that I convey to each and every student that enter this institution. HARD WORK IS THE MOTHER OF GOOD LUCK Thankyou & God bless to all the future endeavours you embark on.”